Who Can Build A Home Front Home?

Any licensed contractor with residential building experience should be able to construct a Home Front home. A crew of four workers, each with a power screwdriver, can do all the work. A sturdy movable scaffold (or two) is helpful, especially for the erection of the windframe. A fork lift is also helpful for lifting the roof panels.

Who Can Build A Home Front Home?

Is Training Available?

There are two good ways to learn more about the Home Front system:

  • Tech Days - Periodically, Home Front will invite builders and other interested parties to watch the erection of a Home Front shell. Representatives of Home Front are available to answer questions, and literature and house plans are available for review. Tech Days are publicized by invitation to the local construction community.
  • Factory training - Licensed contractors and others can enroll in a course of training at the Home Front factory in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trainees will see how the panels are made, and then will receive hands-on training. Contact Home Front for more information.

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