The System - Overview

The Home Front System

Home Front Panelized Construction SystemThe Home Front Panelized Construction System is a quick, easy way to build the shell of a residential or commercial building. There are three main components to the Home Front System: the windframe, the wall panels, and the roof panels. Let’s look at each component:

The Wind Frame

* Required engineering for Hurricane prone regions only

At the heart of every Home Front home is the "windframe". Green certified wood columns and ridge beams. A steel option is also available.

The Wall Panels

The Home Front wall panels consist of a "sandwich" of expanded polystyrene foam between two pieces of cement siding type board. The cementitious siding is bonded to the polystyrene in our factory using high-tech adhesives and pressure, resulting in a very strong panel (7,000 pounds breaking strength). The wall panels have an insulating value of approximately R-20.

The wall panels are pre-drilled and numbered, and joined to each other as they are erected, using galvanized metal splines fasted with self-tapping stainless-steel screws. The only tool required is a power screwdriver.

The Roof Panels

Our roof panels, like the wall panels, are also a sandwich — in this case, 6 inches of polystyrene between two pieces of engineered wood, a special water-resistant oriented strand board. The use of this product allows for complete freedom of roofing materials and interior finishes. The roof panels are joined with splines made of the same material and fastened with stainless-steel screws. The roof panels can be lifted into place by a forklift. The Home Front roof panels have an approximate insulating value of R-30.

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