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Homefront Panelized Building System

The Home Front Building System is based on structurally insulated panels (SIPS) used for producing energy efficient homes that are easily erected, environmentally friendly, EXTREMELY ENERGY EFFICIENT and are approved as a “Green Building System”.

Our standard model home kits can be erected in four days using a crew of four semi-skilled laborers equipped with little more than electric screw guns.

We manufacture the home of the future, today! Our homes’ performance is superior to traditional construction methods. Our homes require 30% to 70% less electrical power to operate the home. These homes perform extremely well in hot climates, however SIPS performs even better in colder climates.

The HFH building kit has South Florida Building Code approval (One of the most stringent in the US). SIPS panels are approved by the International Building Code.

The HFH building kit reduces the number of pieces in a standard masonry wood truss construction system of a 1400 square foot home from over 4200 parts in the shell alone to a simple 300 parts for the entire shell including the roof, floor and all thermal insulation.  Our system is simple, strong, green and cost effective.
Structural Insulated Panels [SIPs] allow residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings to be constructed in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner. A structural Insulated panel (SIP), is expanded high density Polystyrene sandwiched between Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or Cement Board. The combination of the rigid foam insulated core, bonded to an outer sheathing, forms a monolithic structural I-beam. The strength of the panel comes from displacing the load across the building structure.

Our panel construction system meets all applicable fire and building codes. SADC and Home Front Homes can provide Engineering Certification for all projects. Product Approvals are available upon request.

Home Front starts the rebuild process in Haiti

Grand Opening of the YMCA D'Haiti
[Port au Prince 8/29/2010]

The original building on this site was destroyed in the earthquake on January 12th 2010. Home Front built this 2000sf building in one week, it took another 2 weeks to finish the build out of this commercial building. This is Home Fronts first completed building in Haiti, there are 3 more on the ground that will be built in the next month. This is the first building built in Haiti since the earthquake on January 12th, 2010. Home Front is expected to open their first factory in Haiti in early January 2011.
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Investment Opportunity

If you are interested in opening your own Home Front Homes manufacturing plant or investing in one of our planned facilities, please click here for more information about these exciting opportunities.

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