Volume Discounts For Builders, Developers, and Public and Private Advocacy Groups

DevelopersHome Front Homes offers significant volume discounts for multiple-unit projects.

Developers building social housing, New Urbanist villages, in-fill city neighborhoods or traditional suburban subdivisions can offer their customers an array of appealing floor plans and build the homes in less time, with less labor.

Advocacy groups like Habitat for Humanity and Catholic Charities are building hundreds of Home Front Home homes, further reducing the cost of their investment through economies of scale.

Standardized Work Flow

Workers follow a standardized work flow to quickly assemble the factory-built Home Front Home envelope components. The bolt-together process does not require highly skilled labor or craftsmen. Fewer supervisors are needed. A large project can be developed with the efficiency of an assembly line.

Indirect cost savings are realized through safer, cleaner, more secure job sites. With no trusses to climb, no cranes to operate, and little construction waste, there are fewer workers on a safer job site.

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Build them all green, strong and energy efficient. Contact Home Front Homes today for more information on volume discounting for multiple-unit projects.

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