Home Front Stock Building Plans

Home Front has designed and engineered plans for dozens of residential and commercial buildings. These range from cottages to three-bedroom homes to apartments to schools to strip shopping centers. Our plans include complete architectural drawings and engineering data to allow the builder to obtain a local building permit and to complete the interior of the building.

Home Front also offers in-house design capabilities to help you design your own custom built home. If you have a special design in mind, just call and make an appointment to consult with our designers, and they will work with you in creating plans for your dream house.

Our plans include the following:

  • slab plan
  • interior wall layouts
  • wiring, plumbing and HVAC diagrams
  • window and door schedules
  • kitchen and bath layouts, and
  • construction details of the porch (if any).
Residential Multi Family Commercial

Custom Building Plans

The Home Front Panelized Construction System lends itself to a wide range of building types. Home Front can modify any of its existing plans to better meet your needs, or we can work with you to adapt your building plans to the Home Front system.

Leading Architects Have Discovered Home Front

Noted Sarasota architect Carl Abbott and urban planning guru Andrés Duany have both designed structures using the Home Front system. The Katrina Cottage was intended as an alternative to the dreaded “FEMA Trailer” for sheltering those who lost their homes in Katrina. The Katrina Cottage can be built for little more than the cost of a trailer, but unlike the trailer, the Katrina Cottage offers protection from subsequent storms and is permanent, rather than temporary. The Katrina Cottage was designed specifically to be expanded into a larger home.

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