World Organization for Peace Press Release

Home Front Technologies, the manufacturer of Award Winning Environmentally friendly “Green Housing Solutions” has just received the endorsement and product nomination of the World Organization for Peace to assist with their humanitarian efforts to provide safe housing solutions for the socially and economically disadvantaged.

Throughout the World there is a growing crisis created by the lack of basic shelter. The lack of adequate shelter is a humanitarian problem that is directly linked to health issues, crime, gangs and drugs. The environment and use of environmentally friendly products are a major concern throughout the world. The Home Front Building System is not only energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but also greatly reduces construction durations thus providing quicker relief than conventional construction to the unprecedented World crisis.

Jerry Gillman, a director of Home Front stated that the ease of construction of their Building System lends itself to use of unskilled workers. “We can use the people that will occupy these homes to help erect our product further reducing the cost of construction of a project”.

Alan Craig president of Home Front stated that they will be donating a portion of its proceeds back to the Organization in an effort to aide their efforts in solving the growing crisis.

The World Organization for Peace is a non-profit institution and its function will be to preserve human life on the planet and outside of it.

This Worldwide Organization, WOFP/OMPP,  conforms to the guidelines of the United Nations, which is its ruling parent organization that together with the countries which are members, determines and proposes the destinies of our humanity.

Distinción de los premios Aurora 2008 a lo mejor de lo mejor en construcción VERDE

Estas Casas fueron construidas con Panels SIPS de Home Front


Casa Modelo Habitat for Humanity Sarasota

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