Save Your Piece of the Planet

Renewable Materials

Very little wood is used in the construction of a Home Front building envelope (and an optional no-wood kit is available). The primary components of the Home Front Panelized Construction System are made of polystyrene, cement board, and steel.

The materials do not foster the growth of termites and mold find little or no host material, and none of the materials off-gas into the building envelope.

Low-Impact Construction

All components of the Home Front building envelope are manufactured at the company's factory in Englewood, Fla., and shipped to the job site on a trailer. Since the shell is erected in just a matter of days, by just a few workers, less fuel is burned getting laborers to the job site.

And because all components are factory built and cut to measure, there is little construction waste. There is no need for a Dumpster rental during shell erection. Very little waste is hauled to local landfills.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Florida Green Building Coalition logoBecause of their extraordinary insulating values, Home Front Homes buildings require much less energy to heat and cool, reducing their carbon footprints on the environment and saving owners thousands of dollars in energy costs.

As an Energy Star Partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and member of the Florida Green Building Coalition, Home Front continues to research sustainable building strategies in its initiative to develop a "zero-energy home."

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