Lower Electrical Costs By 30% TO 70%

Homeowners living comfortably in completed Home Front Homes can expect their electric power bills to fall by at least 30% and as much as 70%, compared to the energy costs of a comparable, traditionally constructed home.

Similar energy savings can be realized in multi-family and commercial buildings created through the Home Front Homes panelized construction system.

Extraordinary Insulation, Common-Sense Design

The Home Front Homes' factory-built roof and wall panels, consisting of a polystyrene sandwich, have a minimum approximate insulating value of R-20 and the ceiling panels, R-30. Panels with an even higher R-value are available as an option. The system places heating and air conditioning ductwork inside climate-controlled space, minimizing energy loss. This extraordinary insulating power is what keeps energy costs low.

The Proof Is in the Power Bill

Energy Star

Home Front Homes have earned the Energy Star Partner designation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for meeting its strict energy guidelines.

Stay Tuned!

Home Front Homes engineers are working on "The Zero House" – a strong, green home that will be energy self-sufficient through the use of solar panels and other technology.

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