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About Us

The Home Front Homes panelized construction system creates a strong, green, energy-efficient envelope engineered for 21st century homes and commercial buildings.

Home Front Homes was founded in 1999 in a warehouse in Venice, Fla., with a vision to produce strong, green and energy-efficient homes using a panelized construction system.

In 2005, Home Front was chosen to build the prototype "Katrina Cottage" designed by the architects at the urban design and planning firm of Andrés Duany. In May 2006, Home Front Homes Inc. evolved into Home Front Homes LLC, as local investors provided additional financial resources to help the company achieve its potential as a mainstream building system for the 21st century.

Leaders in Green Building

As a member of the Florida Green Building Coalition and the U.S. Green Building Council, Home Front Homes is a national leader in the development of green, environmentally friendly Structural Insulated Panel construction.

For more information about building green, energy-efficient construction, click on the link below to download an Adobe PDF titled "HUD Energy Action Plan: "

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